Communicating Argentine sommellerie to the world

Editorial, by Matías Prezioso (President at AAS)    

The Argentine Association of Sommeliers launched the first edition of LetrAAS newsletter in August 2017. Born from a need to communicate what the institution is achieving both locally and internationally, this project also generates a communication channel where Argentine sommeliers can share their knowledge and ideas, and continue contributing to the growth of Argentine wine. We understood that LetrAAS helps to consolidate sommeliers as a link between producers and customers.

From its first edition, LetrAAS has been widely accepted by the sommelier community, inspiring interest from an array of different readers: winemakers and producers, gastronomy and drinks professionals as well as wine lovers who want to keep up to date with news and trends.

This periodic edition will be sustained thanks to the content quality and outreach to thousands of sommeliers in Argentina, and now worldwide, but above all thanks to the prestige of its columnists and writers such as Paz Levinson, Agustina de Alba, Alejandro Iglesias, Andrés Rosberg, Valeria Mortara, Julián Díaz, Fabricio Portelli, Matías Prezioso, Mariana Gianella and Nicolás Orsini.

We saw the opportunity to turn LetrAAS into the voice that spreads Argentine sommellerie’s message around the world. Argentine wine is synonymous with quality.  Through institutions such as Wines of Argentina, a great deal of work is being done internationally in order to share the value that our national drink has in Argentine culture, as well as publicize the diversity of varieties, climates and soils. Through the new version of LetrAAS personally issued in English, AAS members can continue spreading the culture and identity of Argentine wine, the pride of our people.

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